From Washington, DC U.S.A. to Laayoune, Morocco.

About The Caravan

Morocco is a favorite destination of many European and American tourists. The Caravan provides an occasion to explore the beauty of Morocco and make people aware of Morocco's importance, in both security and economic terms.

In terms of economics, for example, Morocco may provide an important solution to some problems caused by the collapse of the European market, including long-term partnerships that guarantee the continued flow of European goods.

In terms of security, the issue of Morocco's territorial integrity is crucial. Addressing it is one of the key reasons for the Caravan.

Morocco on the Road from Washington DC, USA to Laayoune is also a new way to introduce Morocco to selected cities and planned events in each.   The Caravan will grow at each stage, with each new city or country visited.

Numerous Moroccans residing abroad and foreign personalities have offered to join the movement and to accompany the marchers to Laayoune (Morocco).

The Caravan counts on the expertise and experience of a Moroccan Diaspora residing in countries that are strategic for Morocco, as well as a handful of Moroccans with experience in organizing important events.

Their influence in their respective fields and their interpersonal connections forecast a successful result. Teamwork and coordination will be fundamental to make this adventure an important event in Morocco's contemporary history.

The kickoff will be near the U.S. Capitol, a symbol of the American democracy, only a few blocks away from the White House. Some senators and representatives have already showed interest in participating and becoming involved with issues of importance in US-Moroccan relations, including:

- Morocco's economic development
- Increased human rights and political openness in Morocco.



The Caravan will seek to increase understanding in U.S. states whose senators are still hostile to Morocco's right to the Sahara, and to inform them of the justice of Morocco's cause, the correctness of Morocco's proposal to resolve the conflict, and the various elements that impede development in the region.

The event will conclude in Connecticut, where singer Saida Fikri will delight the participants with the melodies and rhythms of the various countries crossed by the Caravan.



Other objectives are as follows: Create a dynamic worldwide network of Moroccans to work as a team now and in the future. Fight clichés, prejudices, and misinformation regarding Morocco. All these objectives will be updated throughout the stages of the Caravan. A crisis management team will monitor and respond promptly to any unexpected situation, including problems that may arise regarding the itinerary or logistics.


The activity will rely on a large network of non-governmental organizations in the US, Europe, and elsewhere. This network and others will help ensure the success of the project. Numerous authorities in their respective fields will be solicited to make this project a success, including politicians, university professors, jurists, and community players, including citizens who are natives of the Moroccan Sahara..


Themes & Programs

The Caravan will start in Washington DC and end in Laayoune in the Moroccan Sahara, and will explore different facets of Morocco, including:

- Its history
- Its geography
- Its natural resources
- Its progress in legal matters, including the Moroccan family code (Moudawana)
- Its economy and many investment possibilities and opportunities
- Its tourism - Its political situation
- Changes in civil society

Recap of potential themes:

  • The question of the Moroccan Sahara
  • The status of Moroccan women
  • Civil society in Morocco
  • Diversity and openness in Morocco
  • Relations between the destination countries and Morocco,
  • Interfaith dialogue and the integration of
  • Moroccans in the host country under study
  • Morocco as seen by the media of countries crossed by the Caravan
  • Economic growth and future prospects for Morocco Investment opportunities in Morocco